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NutriVital Mega B - 60 Tablets

NutriVital Mega B - 60 Tablets

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The B group vitamins are essential to produce, restore and maintain energy as well as assisting your body to release energy from the nutrients you eat.

The B group vitamins also assist with the promotion of normal healthy nerve function and mental cognition and support the growth of healthy hair, skin and nails. Anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging is another function of B group vitamins. These vitamins also assist metabolic processes in the body such as the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They are necessary for normal growth and immune function. Most B group vitamins are not stored in appreciable amounts in your body, so regular consumption is recommended.

  • Hair, Skin and Nails
  • Maintains Energy
  • Brand: NutriVital

    UPC: 9329785000311