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Follicle Fuel - 60 capsules
Follicle Fuel - 60 capsules
Follicle Fuel - 60 capsules
Follicle Fuel - 60 capsules

Follicle Fuel - 60 capsules

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Worried about losing your hair?

Are you experiencing sudden hair loss? Thinning hair or patchy bald spots? One of the scariest things about hair loss is that most men don’t even notice it’s happening until later in life.

Can hair loss be reversed?

YES. As we age, our bodies develop certain deficiencies in some really important areas that can impact our natural growth and development. While genetics is a contributor, other factors including hormonal imbalances and poor nutrition have been shown to slow down hair production and speed up the thinning process.


FollicleFuel contains scientifically proven ingredients that target hair loss from the inside out.

  •  Block DHT - Dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) has been shown to be the leading cause of hair loss in men and women. FollicleFuel's active natural ingredients target the damaging effects of DHT at its source without causing unwanted side effects.
  •  Revitalize Hair Follicles - By reversing the harmful effects caused by poor nutrition and daily stress, FollicleFuel helps undo years of damage and gives your hair follicles the ability to grow freely.
  •  Replenish Nutrients - FollicleFuel's natural formulation restores blood flow, providing essential nourishment to your scalp - restoring and accelerating growth of your hair.